Sunday, April 28, 2013

IEEE GameSig Showcase: Demo Booth

We had a great time yesterday at UC Irvine for the Annual IEEE GameSig student showcase. This will be more of a photo post  - since we took quite a few! Overall, the event was very successful. 

Setting up

The XING: The Land Beyond booth 

Our first players of the day were the volunteers!

We got lots of positive reactions, and people lining up to play.

The Floor

Even our younger audience was having a good time!

Two thumbs up! Alright!

Photo with one of our amazing professors

 People played up until the very end of the event.

 Team photo before the teardown.


  1. Congratulations, looks like a great success :-)

  2. Hey I'm in these! Great job Xing team. Really liked your game and I see a lot of success in your future.

  3. Dear Xing Team, I see in pictures that XING can be played with gamepad.
    I tried with the demo but it didn't work, do I have to change something in the config somewhere in order to able to play with a gamepad ?