Monday, August 18, 2014

PAX Prime Indie Megabooth!

It is confirmed! We are heading to Seattle at the end of August for PAX Prime! Our booth will be in the Indie MEGABOOTH area, booth #7. Map Soon!

If you will be there, please let us know - and come by the booth! We will have some fun giveaways and merchandise too.

We are planning to run the booth similarly to our GDC Play Booth.

Things We Learned
A couple things we learned from running the last 2 booths (and how we will attempt to improve upon them):

  • Info Pamphlets! ($14)
    • You generally spend time answering the same 5-6 questions for each person that comes to the booth. This time, we will try to alleviate that (and save our voices) with these handy dandy brochures. (25ct Brochures for $14 on Vistaprint sale)
    • We hope that these will allow us to have people read the basic information about the game, and then ask us other questions that they might have. We are only printing 25 of these, and will laminate them to discourage people from taking them. That way, they should easily last all show. We'll see...

  • Leaving Press with Something ($11)
    • When you meet someone from the press, you usually want to talk to them right away. They have a lot of power in the sense that they can write about you for hundreds of people outside of your usual media sphere. When they leave, you want them to know that you have press materials available for them to use. Otherwise...they might just forget you :(
    • This is why we have made this special Press card (100ct for $11 on Vistaprint sale). The same size as a business card, it is for Press only, and will link them directly to the online press kit. The size is important, because you might run into someone while you are out and about, so you'll want to have them handy.

  • The Usefulness of Banners ($55)
    • We still have our hanging banners from GDC, which are 3' x 1.5'. This time, we have a larger booth, and will have far more eyes wandering around. To help direct them towards the booth, we finally decided to invest in a large 6' x 2.5' floor standing banner. They are lightweight and portable! Banner ($27 Vistaprint Sale) + Stand ($28 Amazon) = $55
    • We hope that this will also serve us in other events, both big and small, that might come up in the next year, pre and post-release :)

  • Asking Event Coordinators Lots of Questions (Free!)
    • Never be afraid to ask questions! We constantly exchange emails back and forth with questions regarding booth rules and regulations, setup times, and more. Best to be as prepared as possible!

  • Negating Costs ($270)
    • The last 2 conventions we went to were industry events, but this time its a consumer show! That means people will be looking for all sorts of goodies. We decided to use this opportunity to purchase most of our Kickstarter backer rewards (some we had to buy in bulk). We hope to negate some of the PAX booth and travel costs by selling the excess items at the expo :)
    • Also bought the Square card reader, to make transactions as easy as possible :)

    • Limited Posters! We had 150 of each of these printed for $270 (currently sitting on Koriel's room), and will be selling them signed by the whole team and numbered at the booth. Check them out:

  • Givaway Buttons ($132)
    • People loved taking buttons, so we decided to have 500 more made for people who are looking for swag - you know who you are :) These might go pretty quickly! ($132 on Pure Buttons)

  • Stand-Out Decorations! ($161)
    • We'll be bringing back the GDC decorations and more this time! Most of these are already owned by Koriel, but still relatively inexpensive - if you know where to look :)
      • Faux Plants (Ebay and Home Goods, $25)
      • Dragon Table with removable top (Rose Bowl Swap Meet, $25)
      • 2 Oriental Rosewood and Marble Pedestals (Rose Bowl Swap Meet, $30 each)
      • Water Fountain (Rite Aid, $15)
      • Area Rug (Big Lots, $30)
      • Treasure Chest for Buttons (Goodwill, $6)

If you want to see who else will be around, check out the Megabooth Lineup for this year at PAX Prime!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Two words: XING Demo. Available for download now!

We know you guys have been itching to get your hands on this game, and we are pleased to announce that we are releasing our E3 demo to the public! 
We have posted it on the Oculus Share page, but it is playable with or without a rift

Keep in mind that this is still in it's alpha stage :) Enjoy!


Also, if you download and play the demo, please help us out by filling out this super short survey :)

Friday, June 20, 2014

E3 Wrap Up! Exciting Previews and a Special Announcement

Wow! It has been one week since we demoed at E3 in Los Angeles, and we have finally gathered all the links and media attention on XING that you guys might want to check out from the Expo; as well as put together our own story about the whole experience.

Fortunately, Koriel lives about 40 minutes from the LA Convention Center, so we made our base camp there for the week. 

The week before we had spent refining the demo for E3, and later making sure it would run perfectly on the HD Prototype Rift. We dove into optimization when John and James arrived in LA over the weekend, and by Sunday night we had a demo that ran at 60 FPS, but still didn't lose took much of the visual goodness. (We also went out and upgraded the video card in the tower, just to be safe)

The response we got was overwhelmingly positive! But don't take our word for it, listen to what just two of the attendees had to say about their 

XING: The Land Beyond E3 experience (video)

Excited to play? We have good news! After talking with lots of people at E3, we've decided to release this demo to the public! Soon you will be able to experience this yourself either on your PC or using your Oculus Rift!

Palmer Luckey and Joe Chen from Oculus  came by our booth to say hi :)

In the Media:


Perhaps the most flattering thing we came away with was this Kotaku Comic featuring 
XING: The Land Beyond!

VR Focus gives a lovey description of the game in the new article.

Linus Tech Tips interview with Koriel:


On the last day of E3 we were able to appear on the Gamespot LIVE Stage for an interview, while showing off some brand new UE4 gameplay footage.


We even made it on to Epic's Unreal Sightings List

This is a little chronological photo gallery of our E3 Experience

Monday was a set up day:


White Lotus Interactive

Trailers playing on loop to the outer row for passers-by

The Alienware laptop supplied by Indiecade for our DK1 demo

John setting up the HD Protoype Rift


The next few days looked something like this:

The Team

I see a smile

The Gamespot stage before we went on

That's the wrap up! Thanks to everyone who has supported us so far, and continued to lend us their support. We are so grateful, and we know we wouldn't be here without you! :)