Friday, July 7, 2017

In Regards To Community Outreach and XING’s Progress

Hello! My name is Marcus Wong and I’ll be joining the XING team to help with community management! Some quick fun facts about me: I am an incoming Computer Science freshman at the University of California, Irvine, who is striving to become a game developer or software engineer in the future. I’m a huge PC and VR enthusiast; I built my first PC when I was 10 and I’ve been using it ever since. My hobbies are video gaming (of course), drawing, game development, and watching anime. Some of my favorite games are Final Fantasy XIV, Super Smash Bros Melee, NieR: Automata, and Persona 5, and I like almost all genres of games.

Hi, Marcus here!

Anyways, that’s enough about me. Starting today, I'll be helping with XING's community management and making sure that you, the player, know what's happening!

To start off, let’s discuss XING’s progress. I know some of you may be having doubts about XING’s development progress, given the time it’s taken, and I do agree that your doubts are not unjustified. However, from the time I’ve spent with them, I can assure you that the team members are not just dilly-dallying around every day, but are working hard to make XING a flawless, polished experience for every single platform on which XING has been announced.

In addition, the team realizes that the amount of community interaction they have had in the past was not sufficient, so their goal with adding me to be part of community management is to help bridge that gap. Together, we will now do our absolute best to update you regularly on the game's progress as we get closer to launch!

Our goal is to provide the same amount of accessibility to all platforms.

One of the largest parts of XING’s development is building it for the many platforms it’ll be available on. We must individually test each new build on PC, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PS4, and PS VR to make sure there are no sudden bugs or gameplay issues popping up for one or more platforms. For example, one problem that sprang up recently was that the save feature was malfunctioning in only the VR versions of the game, and so we had to continuously debug to find out and fix the issue. On top of that, we are also making sure that the non-VR experience isn’t any worse than the VR experience, and vice versa. Despite these challenges, we are firmly committed to emphasize both quantity and quality with XING’s platforms.

Many aspects of the game must be created multiple times to support each of the platforms.

This is just one of the tasks of XING’s development that we must perform to make sure XING is an excellent experience for you, the player. Some others include: making sure the puzzles are accessible, challenging, and fun, creating immersion in the worlds of XING, and optimizing the game so you don’t need a top-of-the-line PC to run it.

We hope you understand the work that we are putting into XING and trust us to deliver to you a stellar experience!

Thank you for reading and supporting XING!


Wednesday, May 10, 2017

21 Mixed Reality Photos

Hey guys!

Just checking in. We are busy developing, polishing, fixing bugs etc.

Here are all of the Mixed Reality photos we've released so far! Feel free to share this post, or any of the photos you like! :D

XING is turning out to be quite the adventure!

Photo 1: "Lost in the Jungle"

Photo 2: "The Flaming Durian"

Photo 3: "Crouching Lilypad, Hidden Rainforest"

Photo 4: "Virtually Snowing"

Photo 5: "Tablet on the Beach"

Photo 6: "A Flurry of Petals"

Photo 7: "Moon Path"

Photo 8: "The Hungry Tadpole"

Photo 9: "Pinecone Pickup"

Photo 10: "Desert(ed) Towers"

Photo 11: "Sakura"

Photo 12: "No Sunscreen Required"

Photo 13: "Night Shower"

Photo 14: "The Explorer"

Photo 15: "Fireworks"

Photo 16: "The New Frontier"

Photo 17: "Enter the Jungle"

Photo 18: "Moon Stone"

Photo 19: "Onward"

Photo 20: "Spirits"

Photo 21: "Time is Relative"

Thursday, April 13, 2017

XING Trailer at PlayStation Kiosks

So we definitely should have mentioned this earlier, seeing as how the kiosks will be changing out content soon - but for the past 3 months XING: The Land Beyond has been featured under the PlayStation VR section of the PlayStation Kiosks in retail stores all over the US (like Best Buy, GameStop etc.)

The first time we saw XING there was an awesome experience!

Or Click here to see it on YouTube

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

GDC + Beta Testing Going Well!

Hi everyone!

We attended GDC at the end of February, but not before getting out the Beta build via Steam to all of our Kickstarter Beta Backers!

Private Beta

It was a fun crunch to get it all working for testing (lots of late nights), and since then we've made a new build update for beta testers to play every Friday. It's quite a schedule to keep up with - but it's also great for getting a lot done.

We not have the final "glue" that ties the whole game together, so our main questions for people who play the game are:
  1. Is it fun?
  2. Do you feel like you want to continue?
    1. If yes, why?
    2. If no, what would make you want to continue?
We've kept the Beta small, so we will probably be looking for people to test in the future in exchange for feedback as well, as we get closer to launch. Especially if someone has an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive setup! Those are definitely the least tested!


We had a good trip for the Game Developer's Conference. Here are some of the photos from GDC:

There were some crazy games in the Alt-Controller section!

Koriel won the bar games at a party!

Up and down the escalators we go!

Team photo

Always great to eat dinner with friends, especially when  we only see each other once or twice a year!

Griswold sitting on a chair, watching James try our VR games one of the nights after the conference. 

Friday, February 24, 2017

Steam Store Page!

Today we are excited to announce the “Coming Soon” status of our new Steam Store page!

With the opening the Steam Store page also comes the Steam Community Hub, where you’ll be able to participate in discussions, as well as post screenshots and other media. We’ll be using a private discussion page for our beta, which will be starting very soon!

Something like this might not seem like a major deal, but as a three person development AND publishing team, it falls on us to do everything related to getting this game into people's hands, including managing everything that goes into making an awesome storefront for XING.

We’ve also come up with our final “box art” design for the game, which you’ll see in many forms and formats labeling our game, including on Steam and the Oculus store, as well as the PlayStation Store. It’s taken us some time to come up with a graphic that captures both the art and feeling of our game without being just an out of context screenshot background, and we hope this new logo will pique the curiosity of new players.

Speaking of progress, we are currently finishing up some nuts and bolts to get our first official beta out and ready for those generous kickstarter backers who earned the beta backer reward years ago. Since starting this beta build push we’ve finally had the opportunity to really look at the game as a whole, and wow, it’s taken a form that we never would have dreamed of back in 2013. The game is significantly larger and more content rich than we initially set out to achieve, and so more than ever we need help to make sure everything can be experienced in a silky smooth fashion. There are still plenty of bugs, features, quality of life improvements, performance optimizations, and overall quality assurance issues to be addressed in the coming months, but with the help of some of our backers as well as friends and family, we look forward to taking on the challenge of the polish phase of development.


For those who have been following us since our beginnings, we can’t thank you all enough for your support and continued enthusiasm. We think XING will find a happy home on Steam, alongside all of our other platforms and distribution methods, and we are eager to see what the Steam community will make of our game.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Kickstarter Backer Beta and Oculus Touch Announcement

Hi! Koriel here. Just thought we should check in to let everyone know what we've been up to for the past month. If you have been following our updates, then you know that answer is probably something like "working for days on end trying to finish XING." And you wouldn't be wrong.

We did end up taking a week and a half off for a winter break this year, which was much needed time for relaxing and resetting. Since then, we've been hard at work fixing bugs and polishing the game.

We have two announcements today that should make some people smile. 

Our first announcement will be nice to hear, especially for our Kickstarter Beta backers. YES! The time has finally come!

Kickstarter Backer Beta

In about 6 weeks from now, our Beta Backers will gain access to the playable Beta of the game on Steam. We look forward to hearing the responses, comments and criticisms from our awesome community, in order to make the game the best it can be!

Testing is a critical part in ensuring a polished gaming experience for all of our future players. 

This is a big step for us in bringing us closer to the game's release.

We will be paying thoughtful attention to the Beta to gauge how close we are to release, so stay tuned.

The second one is something some of you have asked about and suspected for a while now, and that is that XING: The Land Beyond will officially be playable on Oculus Touch controllers.

Oculus Touch

That's right! We will be releasing XING: The Land Beyond with Oculus Touch support, as well as gamepad support for the Rift too. You can check out our previous blog post on our Vive support to see what kind of locomotion options will be available.

I created this handy little infographic showing all of the hardware XING will be supporting on its PC and PS4 launches:

And yes, you caught that right. We will have two separate launches for PC and PlayStation 4. This has mostly to do with a lot of back end work involved in both launches, and the reality of the manpower that we currently possess.

With just 3 of us working on the project, our main focus has been on the game itself. That's not to say we haven't been working on platform support - far from it. But it's just a fact that we would be spread way too thin trying to do one big simultaneous release on all platforms.

Since we are self-publishing on the PlayStation store, it's more practical and realistic for us to release on PC first, and then go through all the steps necessary to get an even more polished version of the game on the PS4, while also working any PS4 and PSVR-specific features.

Plus, while we are working on our PlayStation 4 release, we can be updating our PC release with any patches necessary, since it is easier to update PC builds.

Whether this is your first time reading one of our updates or you are a long-time follower, thanks so much for reading!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Building Accessibility into XING: The Land Beyond

Gamers enjoy immersing themselves into worlds that become their new reality. 

In order to participate and play video games, players must be comfortable and knowledgeable of the controls. 
  • There are a variety of ways video games are played across many different platforms, and it is up to game designers to determine appropriate control schemes for their games. 
  • In addition to thoughtfully setting controls, designers must also avoid accessibility issues of the content in the game itself, such as the effect color blindness or deafness may have on gameplay. 

We began making considerations for the accessibility of XING very early on. 

XING is a game that is played at the player’s own pace, so it naturally fits into a certain category of accessibility for people who may have slower reaction times or may need to make decisions at their own pace. Since XING was already accessible in this way, we began to always ask ourselves if we were designing the rest of the game to be accommodating for other types of needs.


During development, we have had likely somewhere near a few hundred conversations about color choices. One edifying source for color choice is the game Portal, of which playing was assigned as homework to the team of White Lotus Interactive while we were students in Level Design 1 at Chapman University. Portal introduces new mechanics to the player and teaches them how to play in famously successful ways, and color choices are a huge reason why. 

The mechanics the player needs to interact with will often have vibrant color and lighting that sticks out from the duller background elements. With XING we have made careful consideration of styling game mechanics such that they are visually distinct from the environments but retain a feeling of belonging in the game world. In regards to color blindness, no puzzle or mechanic relies strictly on color. Effort has gone into making a diverse and satisfying palette of colors for the effects and symbols of various game mechanics; however, distinguishing those colors is not necessary for solving puzzles thanks to use of symbols and other clues. 

XING: The Land Beyond - Color helps to supplement symbols, but does not replace them. Glowing also helps to distinguish game-play elements vs. environmental decoration.

Here's an example you can A-B through if you click on the photos:

Original Colors
Tritanopia (Very Rare)

In the above example you can see how important glowing and shape recognition is. 

Text & Audio

The story of XING is told through poetry scattered about the various worlds the player travels to. We have a wonderful cast of voice actors read each poem aloud as you discover them, but the text is still available visually in the game world. Any other piece of information that is conveyed through text is shown visually instead of through audio. 

If there is a puzzle that has some musical or audio component, there is always a visual or symbolic way to solve the puzzle too.

A piece of a story told through poetry that you pick up in the game. These also include an audio component.

Temporal Accessibility

Many of the accessibility solutions are clear, easy to ascertain answers. One of the muddier topics has been that of the go-at-your-own-pace rule. XING includes many game mechanics that involve moving large objects around in order to clear a path for yourself. It’s no secret that environmental control becomes a large part of the player’s toolkit, and at various points in development we have thrown in and out other powers. Some of these would have introduced puzzles in the game that would have required users to expertly time a jump, or have to perform an action or series of actions at a certain moment. 

While we felt like some of the mechanics we had made were very cool, we ultimately did not want to break from the pacing rule. This not only allowed us to keep the game accessible in that way, but it also helped to streamline and organize the development of our game mechanics. 

All puzzles in XING: The Land Beyond are go-at-your-own-pace.
This also helped force us to come up with creative ways to make mechanics work in interesting ways with one another, and to come up with ways to make mechanics exciting or even thrilling to use, even if the player did not feel the pressure of time.

Virtual Reality

Building accessibility into virtual reality (VR) content requires a lot of the same considerations that building for other platforms requires. VR also introduces many new accessibility issues, perhaps the largest being that of locomotion comfort, or how comfortable players are moving around the game world. I talk about our various VR locomotion schemes in this blog post, and the challenges in designing for rapidly evolving VR platforms.

Recently, I showed XING and some other VR demos to a friend of mine who is wheelchair-bound and who has some motor-skill impairment. 
Virtual reality is certainly an exciting platform for him, and he had a great experience with nearly each experience we tried. It is beautiful that virtual reality allows him to explore new worlds and explore them in crazy ways, like flying around Paris as an eagle or floating through the vastness of space in zero-g. 

While the latest room-scale gaming with motion controllers allows for complex, high intensity action games that utilize fast reaction time and motor skill accuracy, virtual reality is at the same time providing opportunities to bring people of various backgrounds together. The social application AltSpace is a great example of an inclusive application. AltSpace is cross platform and works on mobile VR headsets as well as setups like Vive with motion controllers. In AltSpace, if you have motion controllers you are able to use them, but you can still participate in the same activities even if you do not have motion controllers. While I don’t think every game developed needs to be changed and made completely accessible, I think that if a game already fits the mold for potentially being enjoyed by a wider audience, then it makes sense to put in the effort.

Pictured: James (Me)
 Virtual Reality also opens up a lot of other doors too.
For example, I've never traveled to so many places with a cat on my lap the entire time!

Next Steps

We are still working hard as ever to launch XING: The Land Beyond and ensure it can be enjoyed by many people. If you have any additional accessibility comments or concerns, please let us know in the comments!