Wednesday, April 12, 2017

GDC + Beta Testing Going Well!

Hi everyone!

We attended GDC at the end of February, but not before getting out the Beta build via Steam to all of our Kickstarter Beta Backers!

Private Beta

It was a fun crunch to get it all working for testing (lots of late nights), and since then we've made a new build update for beta testers to play every Friday. It's quite a schedule to keep up with - but it's also great for getting a lot done.

We not have the final "glue" that ties the whole game together, so our main questions for people who play the game are:
  1. Is it fun?
  2. Do you feel like you want to continue?
    1. If yes, why?
    2. If no, what would make you want to continue?
We've kept the Beta small, so we will probably be looking for people to test in the future in exchange for feedback as well, as we get closer to launch. Especially if someone has an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive setup! Those are definitely the least tested!


We had a good trip for the Game Developer's Conference. Here are some of the photos from GDC:

There were some crazy games in the Alt-Controller section!

Koriel won the bar games at a party!

Up and down the escalators we go!

Team photo

Always great to eat dinner with friends, especially when  we only see each other once or twice a year!

Griswold sitting on a chair, watching James try our VR games one of the nights after the conference. 


  1. Hi Team :)

    Congrats on moving forward with the BETA. I have been following for quite some time and the job done is impressive.
    I am not a kickstarter backer (found about Xing only one day after the campaign end...) but I am on the pre-order.

    Back in the days I also played the Xing Demo with the Oculus DK Kit and I have to say up to now it is still one of my favorite memory in VR.

    I do have the HTC Vive and so if you need more feedback on with that system just let me know.


    1. Send us an email at, and mention that you made this comment on the blog :)

  2. Hi Koriel,
    since I have seen first time xing on your blog, I asked already 100 of person where to buy this game. Just find out, it´s not available till now.
    when the game will be released for Sony Playstation VR in german. Can´t wait any more ;-)) Looks great