Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May Days

Hello all!

It has been a busy week indeed. We took Sunday off and attended the local Renaissance Faire, so we are updating today instead. Here are some shots from yesterday (if you're interested )  :D

Now to the game...

Below are some screenshots of the progress we've made on the rainforest level.

We added in the cliff sides for the valley (which I made last week) and they work even better than anticipated!

We put a lot of emphasis on the look of the plants, so when it comes time to start working with the rift we will have the most "real-looking" experience we can create.

An interior space:

Our interior space:

Making leaf cards for out plants in photoshop:

I just started working on this door today:

It was mostly a photo post today - but who doesn't likes scrolling through photos? John and I graduate this upcoming weekend, so we won't have as much development time this week. After that we are all taking a 2 week break to spend time at home with our families before starting back up again in June. This means next weekend's post will be the last one for a little while.

As always, feel free to email us or leave us a comment :)


  1. That is awesome !
    Keep up the good work : )

  2. It's really nice to see more shots and all the great work. You've probably answered this somewhere, but I've been wondering where you are located, city-country-wise.

    1. We were working near our University in Orange, Ca, but have since moved the office space to Arizona near Phoenix

  3. Thanks for posting the updates, I'm looking out for them every Sunday[/ Monday] now. The first two rainforest image updates are especially striking, good work.

  4. Awesome pics Koriel. You look like the Everquest girl. John and James look hilarious, great fun. The rainforest level is really coming together nicely. I can see the hard work being put to use here. Totally forgot about the 2D sprite thing with the plants for Rift integration. I had a chance to fully test the Rift with almost every demo available and one thing I noticed was how bad 2D sprite objects look while viewed in VR (especially foliage) compared to on a conventional monitor, so really good call there on your part. It's much more work doing it this way, but it will totally pay off in the end. Can't wait to get access to the Beta and provide more feedback.

    1. Thank's Sean! And we're working as hard as we can to get a beta out for you guys! :)