Sunday, June 9, 2013

We're back!!

 Hello everyone!

We are finally back after being off the grid for the past couple of weeks. To summarize that, we had one week dedicated to all of John and my graduation celebrations.

Koriel's Graduation
John's Graduation

The next two weeks we each went back to our respective families for our vacation time before fully diving head first into the project again. John played games and took care of preparations for our studio in Arizona, James spent his time exercising and going to museums, and I decided to stay home with my family, friends and pets - especially my cat Derp. I also dyed my hair red!

New Hair! :)


James at Google

John and friends

Last weekend we all got back together and started off working on the beach level. It took a couple days to settle in, but we made some real headway and are right on schedule.

The new studio!
We had to make due without chairs on the first day 

Stocking up for the next few weeks at Costco

Koriel's work station
James' work station
John's work station


This week was a planning, plotting, story-writing and asset-creating week. We all have pretty defined roles at this point, so production is going along relatively smoothly. A couple of my models from this week:

This week's character...
Rocks are always so helpful! Seriously. So important.
I like this toy-render because you can see the details!

We blocked out the beach level and should be ready for full-mesh-deployment by tomorrow! John is on foliage, James is on architecture, and I'm on characters and rocks. We started importing everything into UDK today, so it should be all set up for when we need to go all-deco mode:

Of course, we can't show you everything we've been doing, because then there would be no surprises ;)

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