Friday, June 20, 2014

E3 Wrap Up! Exciting Previews and a Special Announcement

Wow! It has been one week since we demoed at E3 in Los Angeles, and we have finally gathered all the links and media attention on XING that you guys might want to check out from the Expo; as well as put together our own story about the whole experience.

Fortunately, Koriel lives about 40 minutes from the LA Convention Center, so we made our base camp there for the week. 

The week before we had spent refining the demo for E3, and later making sure it would run perfectly on the HD Prototype Rift. We dove into optimization when John and James arrived in LA over the weekend, and by Sunday night we had a demo that ran at 60 FPS, but still didn't lose took much of the visual goodness. (We also went out and upgraded the video card in the tower, just to be safe)

The response we got was overwhelmingly positive! But don't take our word for it, listen to what just two of the attendees had to say about their 

XING: The Land Beyond E3 experience (video)

Excited to play? We have good news! After talking with lots of people at E3, we've decided to release this demo to the public! Soon you will be able to experience this yourself either on your PC or using your Oculus Rift!

Palmer Luckey and Joe Chen from Oculus  came by our booth to say hi :)

In the Media:


Perhaps the most flattering thing we came away with was this Kotaku Comic featuring 
XING: The Land Beyond!

VR Focus gives a lovey description of the game in the new article.

Linus Tech Tips interview with Koriel:


On the last day of E3 we were able to appear on the Gamespot LIVE Stage for an interview, while showing off some brand new UE4 gameplay footage.


We even made it on to Epic's Unreal Sightings List

This is a little chronological photo gallery of our E3 Experience

Monday was a set up day:


White Lotus Interactive

Trailers playing on loop to the outer row for passers-by

The Alienware laptop supplied by Indiecade for our DK1 demo

John setting up the HD Protoype Rift


The next few days looked something like this:

The Team

I see a smile

The Gamespot stage before we went on

That's the wrap up! Thanks to everyone who has supported us so far, and continued to lend us their support. We are so grateful, and we know we wouldn't be here without you! :)