Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Welcoming 2016 + Screenshots + IndieCade and PlayStation Experience Photos

Hello 2016! We hope everyone had a lovely holiday break! Each of us took off  a short amount of time for a well-needed break, in preparation for the hectic months to come! We already started back on schedule yesterday with a running start: strategizing, planning for this year and working late into the night.

This may or not be what we looked like:

Bonfire on Iztali Point
With Spring 2016 just around the corner, we have A TON of work to do. Some of these things include:

  • Finishing all asset creation 
  • Content, mechanic and level-lock
  • Finishing music composition and putting it into the game
  • Finishing sound-design
  • Finalizing a menu design that will work for both VR and non-VR players
  • Marketing
  • Testing and paying for Quality Assurance (and fixing all the bugs for a month or two)
  • Lots of Polish!!
  • Organizing all of our Kickstarter backers' rewards and sending them out on time
  • And, you know, releasing the actual game.
There's a lot more than just that list, but it's a pretty basic rundown of what we are looking at. Wish us luck and continue to share our posts/Facebook page/Twitter/screenshots with friends :)

Temple ruins in Nahele Rain
If we make all of our goals, it will not be a miracle. It will be the result of determination, hard work and most likely a lack of sleep.

The nights in XING become more mysterious.
Thank goodness we love what we do! Even now, there are days when we all feel a wave of excitement about something we just made work, or a concept we get to see finally brought to life. Personally, I love designing and refining environments around gameplay, and vice versa. The two are closely interconnected in XING: The Land Beyond, so it's important that they both influence each other.

The Desert of Naar
Temple view in Hyaku Lake
Lastly, here are some catch-up photos from IndieCade and the PlayStation Experience:

IndieCade 2015

The Setup

PlayStation Experience 2015

Day 0

John and James competing in a speed run after setting up on day 0
The booth setup :)
We love how our home screen looks (shots of whichever level you are in now play in the background)
Us :)
Posing behind the decorations.

Day 1

John talking to some players
Outside the booth
James and John
Only one of us stayed inside the booth while the others stayed around the outside and talked to people.
Happy that the booth is going so well!

Eating Chipotle at 8:30pm. The show floor was open till 10!
Dinner Break
Dinner break. The booth pretty much ran itself this time :)

Day 2

Lots of people played in pairs!

John doing an interview.
This might be one of my favorite moments from the Experience. These 2 pairs were playing the game and talking to each other to figure out how the other team solved things. John was watching in the middle. 

Thanks for reading, now back to work!