Wednesday, February 21, 2018

You've been waiting - February XING Update on Steam and Oculus Home!

John here. Wowzers! You’ve been waiting, and now it’s here. It’s a XING update, and a big one to boot! We got a LOT of new updates coming out. Updates like these are the reason XING is the coolest cinematic gaming experience there is. You don’t know the half of it, that is, you won’t until you read the wonderful patch notes we made for you.

VR comfort features (and sprinting!), cleaner interactions with motion controllers, CPU and GPU optimizations, and a whole lot of bug fixes.

Thanks everyone for reporting and patiently waiting for many of these bugs - this community may still be small but you all have big hearts : D. This is actually our 8th update since launch - you can look back on the Steam page to read the previous patches (the updates were applied to Oculus Home too!) Also, if you've played the game, please make sure to leave us a review on Steam or Oculus!

Kori and I are amidst discussion about what lies in store for the future but I can safely tease that some new content is on the way. 

I’ll also be on the lookout for the classic fix-10-bugs-create-18-more issue, and will be ready to make a hotfix, should the unfortunate occur.