Monday, June 8, 2015

Design. Test. Redesign. Test. Repeat.


It's been a while since our last post, so we thought we were due for an update. Here are a few highlights of the last month or so of development:
  • John made great leaps forward in optimizing the game, so we are more confident than ever about performance.
  • All of our levels are in still in different stages of completion (I supposed that's just how we work), but we have most of our art assets made for all of them now :)
  • We have finally made a representative vertical slice of a level that we think represents the gameplay density, puzzle difficulty scale, and level of detail that we are aiming for. This makes us even more excited for what the rest of the game will look like.
  • We also made a menu with graphics options! Woo hoo!
Also, congratulations to our very own White Lotus member James for graduating with a BA in Interactive Media! Now he doesn't have those pesky classes getting in the way of all this work that needs to be done on XING! Bwahahahaha!

Thank you all so much for following our development as we work our way through this long, challenging and exciting process. 

Now here are some screenshots of our latest changes and modified rendering. Enjoy!

Open Sesame

Check out the water buildup from rain on the ruins

There's a puzzle here somewhere :)

Working on our dawn rendering

Working on our sunset rendering