Monday, May 6, 2013

Dev Blog Sunday

Hey Everyone!
Sorry I'm a bit late on my post this week! (you may notice that it is currently a very early Monday)

We put together our summer and fall work schedule for the game at the beginning of this week - lets just say it will be a VERY busy summer. We will have one day off per week, which should hopefully work out. Speaking of working out, we will finally be setting up an exercise schedule for the summer for all of us! All this sitting at the computer isn't the best for our bodies or minds, so a workout plan is now in the making  :) Thank goodness!

Now for some screen shots - because we all like looking at pictures!

Remember this little guy? He look very hungry. This is him rendered in-game:

We all worked in the editor this week, so here are some beauty shots.

John and I worked on layout and foliage placement within the level.

This tree is massive! Great work John!

James has been working on this bamboo tree house:

I did some modeling this week too. Hooray ZBrush!

A very useful rock!

The rock in-game:

I started modeling cliff sides for building valley walls

Here is the our main man in the rain forest (unfinished sculpt)

Different material to see detail:

I'm really pleased with how his profile turned out :)

Thanks everyone who reads these, and always feel free to ask us more in-depth questions about our process :)


  1. I've backed your project and am happy that I can follow the development here.
    The premise of XING sounds really great. Keep up the good work.

  2. This game is looking amazing! I'm sorry to have missed the kickstarter. Best of luck as you continue development!