Monday, December 9, 2013

Winter has Come - So We Are Turning Up The Heat!

Hey everyone!

It's been a while since our last post, and a lot has happened!

We've been working around the clock in preparation for the holidays. Each of us took some well earned time off for Thanksgiving weekend, and now we are making the last big push before we take off for 2 weeks toward the end of December.

Thanksgiving Break

I'll try to make another post before we go, but I make no guarantees!

Anywhoozel, this past month has been very exciting for us.
We are finally working on our Volcano level! It is a definite change of scenery, and we welcome the change.
My cat helping me sketch out ideas for XING

Here are some sneak peak shots of our work in progress:
*Just remember that these screenshots are not exactly what you will see in the final game, since there is still so much to be done!*

In case we don't make another post before the break, we hope you all have an amazing holiday this year!


  1. liking the look very lord of the rings dawfen cavern look i forget what that's called. looking forward to playing all of this very very excited to see how well this game is progressing. I love all of your dedication to it.

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous. You guys are artists. I just hope the game will run fine on my pc, had some trouble with UE3 games lately, to the point where they become unplayable even though my rig is more than powerful enough to handle them.

  3. Oh, minecart rides through caves ... this is evoking the good old Myst/Riven feeling in me. Really looking forward to it!