Tuesday, June 7, 2016

New Gameplay Video, E3 2016, and Release Moved to Fall 2016

Pushing Back Release Plans

I've heard that when it's time, it's best to just rip the Band-Aid off. That being said, unfortunately we must announce that our plans to release this spring were set back due to various circumstances, including that the game had just grown in scope and detail over the past 3 years, as well as grown in platform support. So, in short, we have moved our release plans to the Fall of 2016.

E3 2016 + PlayStation

Now for the good news! We will be heading to E3 this year and demoing at the PlayStation booth! We're grateful to Sony for giving us this opportunity to show off some of our latest improvements in gameplay and story to the press. Hopefully with this we can get XING a good amount of attention, and continue to build the hype as we move towards launch.

New Gameplay Footage 

We know that you have been eager to see new footage of the game since our last trailer so now we're happy to be able to release a gameplay video of what we will be showing at E3 this year!

Be sure to stay tuned too our Twitter for updates from E3, and thanks for reading!


  1. Take your time. The game has come a long way and if it takes a couple more months to finish then so be it.

    Unfortunately the final gamma / bloom / brightness level that you've decided on for the game is way too bright for my taste. When the video started I first thought that some YouTube setting was wrong because it was so bright - the shadows add no depth to the scenes anymore if everything is so bright and the textures look washed out... I watched it in a darkened room and when the neon light effects kicked in it almost hurt the eyes ;)

    I've read the same comment on websites that posted the video, so other people notice it, too.

    Perhaps you can include a bloom / brightness / gamma / shadow-intensity / whatever slider to the settings of the game so that people can adjust the lighting to their taste.

    Apart from that I keep looking forward to Xing's release and wish you the best for the remaining months!

    1. Hi! Yes you'll be able to turn off the bloom :) We are still tweaking with some of the brightness settings, so we're happy to hear your feedback! Thank you!

    2. I actually felt bad for mentioning the issue - because it is a matter of personal taste and I know how hard you work on the game. The brightness settings have been a bit of a rollercoaster ride for me - in the first version (Kickstarter video) I felt things looked too bright, then in mid-2014 you reached a level of brightness and contrast that I found perfect with nice deep shadows, but then in 2015 you wrote in a blog post that you had decided to make the shadows brighter to increase playability so I look forward to how the final game will look like :)

      And I've learned that when giving feedback you should always also mention positive aspects, so let me say that I love the Zelda-esque sounds when you touch things and the fast-forward day-night-change looks spectacular. I also really like the night sky. So lot's of things to look foward to :)

  2. Hey guys, I'm really glad you are taking your time to perfect the game and include proper VR support.
    Considering that you will have PS Move support (as part of PSVR), it begs the question if you plan on supporting Oculus Touch as well? And what about HTC Vive support - you've never mentioned it, ever. I hope you support all of these platforms, even if the Vive support comes later (post-release). I'm a Vive owner and can't wait to play this game - I don't regret for a second that I pre-ordered it back in the day.

  3. I'm sorry i didn't mean to sound the doom and gloom bell, my point was that there's just a dozen games on psvr and we are starving for games, and those who own a psvr can afford to buy games. This would be the right time for release before everyone jumps on the band wagon, that's my opinion.