Friday, August 25, 2017

Looking for Reviewers and Previewers + Link to free XING OST Music Track!

Only 3 weeks till launch! :O

Goodbye Pre-Orders

  • We have deleted the "Pre-Order" page on our website, as we will no longer be taking pre-orders. 

Reviews and Previews

  • We are looking for more people who would like to receive a review or preview copy of XING, so anyone who has a website or YouTube channel who might be interested can apply! 
  • Also, if you have a favorite reviewer or YouTube gamer you'd like to see get a copy of XING to preview or review, send us an email at with a link to their channel, and let them know in a comment that you'd like to see them play XING!

Free Track from the XING: The Land Beyond Soundtrack!

  • We have uploaded a track from our game to sound cloud for anyone who would like to listen to it or download it! It's a small taste of what you can expect to hear in the final soundtrack, which has become a delectable treat for your ears!
You can listen to it here:


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